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Girl EquestrianFeed your horse the way nature intended with a Stable Grazer® automatic hay feeder! Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders are designed to aid equine enthusiasts with the daily care of their horses. With a Stable Grazer automatic hay feeder you can feed flake hay, chopped hay, pellets, grain and some dry supplements and medications up to six programmable times a day.

Most horse owners realize the health benefits of feeding multiple times a day. But with today’s busy life styles it’s very difficult to feed  twice a day, let alone six times a day. Now with a Stable Grazer automatic horse feeder you can feed your horse in a way that is more like their natural grazing pattern of eating and still maintain your lifestyle.

Multiple feedings per day minimize your horse's risk of developing digestive problems and stall vices such as cribbing, pacing, weaving, and wood chewing. Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders give you the freedom to leave without worrying about returning in time to feed*. More importantly, a Stable Grazer can improve the overall health of your horses. 

Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders are timer activated and battery powered. Since they are battery powered they can be used almost anywhere. Currently there are two models of Stable Grazers available, the "Generation II" and the "Kit". Both models feature our patented drop-down feed door and will feed up to six times a day.

Stable Grazer Generation II Automatic Hay Feeder

Stable Grazer Generation II Automatic Hay FeedersThe Stable Grazer Generation II automatic horse feeder is a complete unit (cabinet/manger and feed door). The cabinet/manger is a one piece rotationally molded LDPE plastic which makes it very durable and safe for your horse. The patented drop-down feed door lowers to about waist high for easy and convenient loading. Gas struts aid in closing the feed door after loading the feeder. Other than the handle and mounting brackets it comes completely assembled.


Stable Grazer Kit Automatic Hay Feeder

Stable Grazer Kit Automatic Hay FeederThe Stable Grazer Kit automatic horse feeder includes only the patented drop-down feed door with an external frame. It is up to you to construct the enclosure or cabinet. You can build it as fancy or plain as you want. Match it with your stallfronts or build it in a hay loft and drop the hay to the stall below. The choice is yours. Once your enclosure is built, just install the Kit and your automatic hay feeder is ready to go. The Kit also saves you money. Not only does it cost less than the Generation II but it is less expensive to ship. The Stable Grazer Kit automatic hay feeder is shipped in two boxes via UPS. Some assembly is required.