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Dr. Karen HayesDr. Karen Hayes is a 1979 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She’s also an award-winning author. She’s written hundreds of articles for such magazines as Equus, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman, Modern Horse Breeding, Stable Management and Horse & Rider, where she’s a Contributing Editor. Her seven horse-care books are practical, hands-on, fun to read, and they’re revolutionizing horse care.

Stable Grazer - The Chosen One!

How to be the Perfect Horsekeeper BookThe Stable Grazer® automatic hay feeder is one of a select few products chosen by Dr. Karen Hayes to be featured in one of her books. The Stable Grazer is featured prominently in her book, How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper (book two in the Perfect Stall series), in which she considers it to be "The Perfect Way To Feed A Stabled Horse."

Dr. Hayes, who does not do paid endorsements or accept payment from any of the products she recommends, has spent several years testing horse care products, methods, and concepts, then writing and speaking about them on a nationwide lecture circuit.


How Not To Feed

Feeding with a Stable Grazer is convenient - there's no doubt about that. But it's really not about convenience. It's about the health and safety of your horse. And that's probably a little confusing to hear, since you've been feeding your horse the same way for years and nobody has complained about it. Well, to help you see horse feeding from the horse's point of view, we've gotten permission from Dr. Karen Hayes to reproduce a portion of her popular lecture entitled "How Not To Feed." We're pretty sure you'll find it eye-opening.

How Not To Feed
by Dr. Karen Hayes, DVM, MS.
©The Integral Horse
Reproduced with permission from the author expressly for Stable Grazer.

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Ken McNabb and Dr. Hayes

Ken McNabb and Dr. Karen HayesKen McNabb interviews Dr. Hayes about the health benefits of the Stable Grazer automatic horse feeder. Click on your player of choice below to listen.

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