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postheadericon Stable Grazer Generation II Automatic Hay Feeder

The Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder is a timer activated, multiple flake hay feeder. The Generation II is battery operated, so there is no need to run power lines, or power outages to worry about. It will feed up to six times before needing refilled. With optional attachments, the Generation II can also feed pellets, chopped hay, grain and some dry supplements and medications.

Durable and Safe

The cabinet/manger is a one-piece rotational molded low density polyethylene (LDPE) and comes in four colors. Aluminum and zinc coated steel are used in the patented drop-down feed door to help prevent rust and corrosion. A pressurized gas strut aids in closing the feed door from the load position. All of this makes the Generation II a very durable and safe feeder for your horse.

No Assembly Required

Other than attaching the handle and mounting brackets, there is no assembly required. It does need to be attached to some type of structure to keep it from tipping when the feed door is opened to load. Please see the Generation II Installation Guide for more information.