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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder. If you have a question that you would like answered that is not in the list below please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeders

Does feeding more frequent and consistent really make a difference?

We do not claim to be experts on animal health. There are, however, many publications that substantiate this belief. See what the University of Kentucky says about Equine Feeding Management.

How reliable is the Generation II?

The Stable Grazer Generation II has been very reliable, just see what some of our customers have to say! However, Stable Grazer feeders are not intended to take the place of human caretakers of any animal. Our desire is to assist in their health, welfare, and ease of care. We strongly discourage leaving animals alone or unattended for extended periods of time for any reason.

How expensive is it to maintain and operate the Generation II?

There are very few moving parts on the feeder to wear, therefore, maintenance will be minimal. Under normal conditions the batteries should only need changed once a year. The batteries are readily available, even at most grocery stores. This should cost less than $1.00 per month!

How difficult is loading and operating the Generation II?

The Stable Grazer Generation II is very user friendly. The door pulls down to approximately waist high to load. After loading, the gas spring assists in closing. The feeder can be loaded any time, even when it is not completely empty. We recommend the feeder be completely loaded each time. The bottom shelf cam is designed so it will not lock in if the feeder is not in time. If out of time, just push the manual button and the feeder will reset its self. Lock in the bottom shelf and close the door, now the feeder is ready for six more feedings. The timer is easily programmed when to feed each day, and will keep that schedule until you decide to change the feeding schedule.

How many days feed will the Generation II hold?

The Stable Grazer Generation II is designed to feed flake hay often and consistently. Variations in hay types and bale sizes make it difficult to say how much each shelf will hold. It maybe only 5 lbs. of loose grass hay or 10 lbs. of tight alfalfa hay. You can program the feeder to meet the needs of your horse and you. Some people choose to feed up to six times a day and others feed three times a day and making it into a two day feeder*. The choice is yours.

How many horses can feed from one Generation II?

The Stable Grazer Generation II is designed to feed individually stalled horses. The natural pecking order of horses will usually limit feeding more than one horse at a time with the Generation II. Only you know your horses and occasionally two horses will feed together.

How long has the Generation II been in use?

We have been using different versions of the feeder since the winter of 2000. The Generation II has been in use since the fall of 2007, but the original Stable Grazer has been in use since January of 2004. Both the original Stable Grazer and the Generation II feature the same patented drop-down feed door. Therefore the mechanical part of the Generation II has actually been in use since early 2004. The original Stable Grazer has been discontinued but is still being used all over the US and Canada.

Can I use the Generation II outside in the weather?

Yes, the Stable Grazer Generation II is designed to be used indoors or outside. The enclosure keeps the hay protected from snow and rain until the horse pulls small amounts through the gratings to the manger. You may need to drill drain holes in the manger to allow rain water drain out.

Are there any additional expenses involved with installing the Generation II?

The Generation II comes complete (feeder, chute, manger and mounting brackets). The Generation II is self contained so there is no need to run power lines. You will need some common bolts or screws to fasten the mounting brackets to your structure. However depending on your skill level and installation type you may need to hire someone to help you. Please see the Installation Guide for more information.

How difficult is it to assemble and install the Generation II?

The Stable Grazer Generation II comes completely assembled. All you need to do is attach the mounting brackets and handle (included) and secure it to your structure. You will need a drill, 5/16 drill bit and 1/2” end wrench to attach the brackets to the feeder. A phillips screwdriver is needed to attach the handle. There is no power line to run, as the feeder is completely self contained! Please see the Installation Guide for more information.

What is the warranty on the Generation II?

The Stable Grazer Generation II has a One Year Limited Warranty on material and/or workmanship.