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The Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder features our patented drop-down feed door along with a one piece rotational molded plastic cabinet/manger.

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Durable Construction

The cabinet/manger is a one piece rotational molded low density polyethylene (LDPE). The door is made from milled aluminum. Internal frames and components are zinc plated steel. The feed shelves are made from tough ABS.

Digital Clock Programming

Easy to program digital clock with built in battery meter.

Reliable Battery Operated

A 6 volt battery operates the feeder. In normal conditions the battery will last 6 to 12 months. This makes it convenient for use at any location. No wires to run or get chewed on, and no power outages to worry about.

Increases The Number Of Feedings Per Day

Feed up to six times per day. Smaller multiple meals can help decrease the incidence of colic, ulcers and boredom. Many stall vices such as cribbing may be the result of boredom.

Easy To Load

The door drops down making loading very easy. No need to lift hay over your head. Load assist on door aids in closing to operating position.

Increased Time Spent Feeding (grazing)

The grating prevents your horse from pulling large amounts of hay out at one time increasing the time spent feeding. This also helps cut down on wasted feed.

Built With Your Horses Safety In Mind

Smooth rounded corners and edges. Manger rods (grating) are made from flexible PVC.

Accepts Both Solid Or Loose Fluffy Flakes

When the feeder is empty the feed shelves lay flat making a large opening. Simply lay the hay in place and lift the shelf into the locked position.

Large 22" Deep Manger Sets On The Ground

This results in a more natural head position while feeding. Both sand ingestion and dust inhaled are reduced resulting in improved health. It also helps cut down on wasted feed.

Grain Pockets

Optional Grain Pockets allow you to also feed grain, pellets, dry supplements and medications.

No Assembly

The feeder arrives already assembled. All you have to do is attach the mounting brackets and handle (included) and fasten it to your structure.

Available In Four Colors

Tan, Brown, Green and Gray. All colors come with the same milled aluminum door.