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postheadericon Belinda K

Bend, Oregon
Stable Grazer Owner Since April 2006
Stable Grazer Generation II Owner Since February 2008

When I discovered the existence of an automated hay feeder, I realized that my dreams had indeed finally come true!

Having the demands of timely feeding sessions for my horse finally taken over by this programmable hay feeder... we discovered tremendous liberations in our daily lives. Being the only horse enthusiast in the family for many years, it was always difficult to express the need for a regularly timed feeding program for my horses. It often seemed like family activities were compromised by the need to return home just to throw out a few flakes of hay. Not very economical, nor family-friendly!

The Stable Grazer has completely changed all that. Now, the late night and early morning feedings happen on their own accord and we all feel great about it... horses included!

The folks at Stable Grazer have at all times, been extremely helpful, at any time, when I needed parts or had any kind of a circumstance occur. They went well out of their way to get me going again and expedited their mailings and service at all times. They have been great to work with and I know that they will stand behind their product for years to come.

Thank you so much for such a fantastic piece of equipment... every barn should have these!

Nice Barn!Stable Grazer automatic hay feeder.