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postheadericon Jessica P

Tucson, Arizona
Stable Grazer Owner Since July 2005

"I was a little leery about purchasing the Stable Grazers at first, but they are worth every penny I spent on them! When we decided to build a barn on our property instead of boarding our horses, I was a little worried about being able to feed them morning, noon, and night. With my schedule, I'm not able to be there all the time. Now I'm able to schedule my day around me, not the feeding schedule of my horses. The best part, is now I can actually sleep in once in a while!

It took a few days for my horses to get used to the sound of the feeders. At first, they were startled when the motor started, now they look forward to it! It lets me keep them on a schedule. They haven't missed one feeding since I got them. They are very dependable and such a time saver!! Thank you so much for this great invention!!"

A Stable Grazer installed in an outside horse shelter.A Stable Grazer installed in an outside horse shelter.