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postheadericon Linda R

Blue Springs, Missouri
Stable Grazer Generation II Owner Since Jan. 2008

"Just a note to let you know you have changed my life forever. Shortly before I discovered the Stable Grazer I had lung surgery that seriously slowed me down for a while. I have an insulin resistant horse that required feeding many times a day into the night. Determined not to disrupt her schedule and the tremendous recovery she has made, I dragged myself to the barn in freezing weather all day long and until 10 and 11 at night. Little did I know that the Stable Grazer could make my life and hers so simple.

I now feed at 7 a.m. and spend time with the mare and again I feed at 5 pm. Never again do I need to go to the barn at night in the cold to throw a flake of hay. I have a camera and monitor in the house and I can just look at the camera before I go to bed to make certain the Stable Grazer has done it's job - and each time it has done so. She is now fed small amounts 8 times a day, her attitude has changed drastically - not frantic about food - and my attitude has changed for the better as well. Thank you so much for your ingenuity."

Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder in a wood stall front.