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Browse through our customer testimonials. See what they have to say about their Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders!

postheadericon Joseph E

Las Vegas, Nevada
Stable Grazer Owner Since April 2005

"Hey Guys,
I just wanted to thank you for a quality product so reliable, I can sleep in on Sunday! Do you know what that is worth? I better not tell you because you might raise your prices!

Your automatic battery-operated hay feeders have given me a freedom and comfort level I did not expect to get. No longer do I have to rush home to make sure my horses are fed, or arrange to have someone feed them if I wish to take off for a weekend.

My horses are fed three times a day like clockwork with little to no waste. My current units hold 6 full size flakes from our area's 3 string bales. It is amazing to see the horse's initial reaction to a flake dropping into their feeder. Scared at first, but now after a short time, their internal clocks take over and they are actually standing at their feeders minutes before the flakes fall!

Again, thanks for this very innovative product and feel free to forward my email address to any potential clients that would like to hear from an end-user and very satisfied customer."

"My battery meter still says full power after using my feeders for 3 months and that's going through 116 degree temperatures in July and August Las Vegas summer!"

Three Stable Grazers installed in an outside horse shelter.