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What Our Customers Say...

Browse through our customer testimonials. See what they have to say about their Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders!

postheadericon Linda R

Blue Springs, Missouri
Stable Grazer Generation II Owner Since Jan. 2008

"Just a note to let you know you have changed my life forever. Shortly before I discovered the Stable Grazer I had lung surgery that seriously slowed me down for a while. I have an insulin resistant horse that required feeding many times a day into the night. Determined not to disrupt her schedule and the tremendous recovery she has made, I dragged myself to the barn in freezing weather all day long and until 10 and 11 at night. Little did I know that the Stable Grazer could make my life and hers so simple.

I now feed at 7 a.m. and spend time with the mare and again I feed at 5 pm. Never again do I need to go to the barn at night in the cold to throw a flake of hay. I have a camera and monitor in the house and I can just look at the camera before I go to bed to make certain the Stable Grazer has done it's job - and each time it has done so. She is now fed small amounts 8 times a day, her attitude has changed drastically - not frantic about food - and my attitude has changed for the better as well. Thank you so much for your ingenuity."

Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder in a wood stall front.


postheadericon Rick Lamb

Phoenix, Arizona
Stable Grazer Generation II Owner Since Nov. 2007

"The Stable Grazer is a well-conceived, well-made product that does exactly what it's supposed to do and looks good while doing it. Our feeders have proven to be invaluable when we travel. Now our horsesitter comes just once a day to check on the horses, reload the feeders, and clean up. That saves me money and the horses still get multiple feedings per day."

Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder.3 Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeders.


postheadericon Steve & Monica H

Burbank, California
Stable Grazer Generation II Owners Since Nov. 2007

"The Stable Grazer is working great and we couldn't (along with our Friesian horse) be happier."

Stable Grazer Generation II mounted on the outside of the stall.Friesian horse feeding from the Stable Grazer Generation II automatic hay feeder.